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A Review Of India Real Estate In 2012

As has been the case in the past, the larger cities of Mumbai and NCR-Delhi recorded healthy absorption of residential units during 2012, with a 60% contribution to the overall absorption. Chennai and Pune were among the other two cities that increased their share of absorption during 2012 to 26% from the 23% recorded a year ago.

India Office Real Estate: 2012 Half Year Review

The strategic window of opportunity for office occupiers remains, as the country’s office market is likely to continue favouring tenants in the near term

Wealth Creation Through Residential Real Estate Investment

In order to mitigate most of the investment risk, one should restrict one’s residential property to Tier 1 and select Tier 2 cities. It is also most prudent to invest in properties where the price tag falls between Rs. 2500-5000/sq.ft., since such a price tag provides downside protection against any capital value erosion.

Holiday Homes In India – Perennial Demand

Indians who buy holiday homes tend to have higher disposable incomes and hail from the middle and top management segments. This buyer segment is usually in the age bracket of 35-45.

Indian Residential Real Estate – Uncertainty And Flux

Both the economy and the residential property sector are currently in a state of uncertainty. This has resulted in a rather prolonged period of vacillation and hesitancy among home buyers in India.