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Over and Out

Posted by: Tony Wyllie Head of Corporate Solutions, Australia We heard a lot about creative and innovation cultures over the two days of CoreNet and saw some great examples of where this has been implemented into corporate real estate strategy. What I took away is that most organisations already have this talent, they just need [...]

Life Rhythm- The Vodafone Way

Posted by: Gavin Martin Director, Tenant Representation Corporate Solutions Vodafone has grown from a 50-person office in Newbury, UK in 1984 to a turnover of 41 billion euro and 80,000 staff today. Their workplace requirements have changed substantially! The latest part of their journey is incorporating flexible work practices into their real estate strategy. Two [...]

The Balance of Probability

Posted by: Tony Wyllie Head of Corporate Solutions, Australia The days of operating leases (off balance sheet) versus finance leases (on balance sheet) may be coming to and end with the proposed changed in the International Accounting Standards. Under the new standards all leases will need to be accounted for on balance sheet. Whilst the [...]

Driving, Not Killing Creativity

Posted by: Cameron Scott COO Integrated Facilities Management – Asia Pacific Greetings from CoreNet. I am attending the conference here in Sydney along with some colleagues from the firm. In the ‘Leading Creative People’ session we were introduced to approaches and tools for increasing creative thinking in the workplace. What is interesting to know is [...]

Communication, Communication, Communication

Posted by: Kevin Hastings Head of Project & Development Services, Australia We heard from Vito Chidio that the mantra of location, location, location should be replaced with communication, communication, communication in corporate real estate departments. Communication has many facets – within our own teams, with business unit stakeholders and with the market. I liked Vito’s [...]