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Optimizing banking real estate

Joe Brady discusses the importance of commercial real estate to shareholder value and how banks are adapting to meet the needs of their customers through adjustments to retail banking space.

Bringing value to the C-Suite

Clayton Hayden discusses the biggest value commercial real estate brings to the table, how benchmarking is part of a long-range portfolio plan, and how Merck approaches communications and change management.

PortfolioCommandSM in Action

Elaine Melonides provides an innovative solution for corporate real estate executives, who are challenged to deliver data for decision making in rapidly changing business environments: Jones Lang LaSalle’s PortfolioCommandSM. She gives real-life PortfolioCommand examples from the life sciences, healthcare and telecommunications industries that illustrate the advantages of ongoing portfolio optimization.

Maximizing the ROI of innovation

Richard McBlaine speaks about how life sciences companies are evaluating the cost of innovation and developing strategies for maximizing return on investment in research and development, including where facilities are located and how they are managed.

You can’t cut your way to greatness

Russ Howell of Jones Lang LaSalle discusses CoreNet Global’s “Corporate Real Estate 2020” transformational research initiative. Russ discusses the concept of the real estate portfolio as an integrated physical platform that supports the enterprise in the creation of shareholder wealth.