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True to form CoreNet Paris was a huge sucess

Posted by: Sanjay Dutt,  CEO – Business, Jones Lang LaSalle India True to form, the CoreNet Global Summit in Paris was a huge success. What excited me was that more and more corporate and real estate professionals are alive to the fact that in next decade, the success of most businesses will depend on how [...]

India and China – two key markets in the Global business arena

Posted by: Sahel Pramendra Managing Director – Markets, Jones Lang LaSalle India What struck me the most about this year’s CoreNet Summit was the palpable positivity and enthusiasm visible in delegates from different parts of Europe. Understandably, there was also some nervousness about the global economic scenario. However, this nervousness was task-oriented, and there was [...]

CRE – Creating Real Evolution?

So it ends where it began – on a train. As the chatter transfers from the conference hall to the railway carriage I reflect on what has been a positive CoreNet experience. The strap-line to the Summit contained three simple but significant words: Connectivity, Creativity, Relationships.

The future role of the corporate real estate service provider

A good discussion was held yesterday in the ‘service provider support strategy and planning’ session around the role and responsibilities as strategic partners for our corporate clients. Jeff Schuth led the team for Jones Lang LaSalle, sitting alongside the big four real estate suppliers.

I’ve got a mission…to spread the word

When we polled the room yesterday at the Global Summit in Paris, it was certainly not surprising to see that only a quarter of those in the room answered “yes” to knowing what renewable energy is all about, but by the end of the session even those who raised their hands had questions, so surely there is still a lot for our corporate occupiers to learn. It reinforced the notion that there is still a lot of work to be done and clients definitely need advisors to help move them through the complex world of renewable energy and all the opportunities it presents.