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Do you work in the third workplace?

AT&T’s definition of innovation is when invention and co-creation come together to create economic value, says Chris Mach, Global Workplace Strategist at AT&T.  Mach discusses how research plays a role in innovation and how AT&T is moving beyond the workplace and even the home office to create the third workplace at CoreNet 2012.

Thinking creatively to guide innovation

Emily Watkins discusses the new “mandate” for corporations to constantly manifest and cultivate innovation. Emily led a session at CoreNet that leveraged ideas from The Innovator’s DNA around the four behaviors of creative thinking: questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting as well as applying these behaviors with associational thinking. In the session, attendees tied this new [...]

Creating value through discussion

Ed Noha shares what he’s heard discussed at CoreNet Orlando. Primarily, attendees have been engaging in open, honest conversations about how to create value — quickly. Ed led a well-received session about how to ask probing, disruptive questions; how to understand what’s really going on in the business; how to network to get more diverse [...]

The importance of using OSCRE

Created at CoreNet ten years ago, OSCRE develops information exchange standards. Ian Cameron talks about the importance of using OSCRE in corporate real estate to define information in a consistent way and move information seamlessly between companies. The strategy moving forward for OSCRE continues to focus on developing consistent definitions for terms in corporate real [...]

How real estate impacts public institutions

Herman Bulls emphasizes the importance of real estate optimization for public institutions. Discussing the rising costs of a college education, he outlines how real estate can positively impact those costs. Discussing the impact of the Federal budget deficit on local and state government budgets, he again outlines how real estate can help.