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Shaping the real estate envelope

Tod Lickerman speaks about how service providers today can add value to their clients by broadening the perspective to focus on the future of clients, “shaping the real estate envelope” around their long-term business goals. Tod discusses helping corporations rationalize their US and European portfolios, while investing in facilities in growing economies in Latin America, [...]

Taking a leap of faith into change management

Posted by: Soubir Ignatius Ghose, Assistant Manager, Markets, India I attended yesterday’s breakout session on the role of leadership and culture in organizational change. It was quite interesting, since I originally thought I was attending a session on supply chain management, so it became an example of change management in action! Here are a few [...]

Why is working in CRE like working in a nuclear power plant?

Posted by: Sylvia Koh Head of Occupier Consulting, Asia Pacific Strategy and portfolio planning (SPP) means different things to different people. The only constant is – we are not doing it enough. CoreNet launched, for the first time in Asia, the SPP community at this Summit. As a member of the pioneer leadership team of [...]

Good things come in threes

Posted by: Jeremy Sheldon Managing Director, Markets Asia Pacific OK, so yes we have been through a downturn. Many of us have been through downturns before. What can we learn from it to ensure we emerge from the downturn with strength? Here are three key points that I took away from the breakout session: The [...]

Strategic Partnerships: Raising the bar and taking it to a new level

Posted by: Leslie Chua Head of Corporate Research, Corporate Solutions, Asia Pacific Relationships can be adversarial if not checked, that’s the view of this morning’s session on strategic partnerships. Without agreed objectives between client and service provider, a change in mind set is required. Succession planning is critical in ensuring consistency. Whilst economic conclusion is [...]