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Signing off from Vegas

Posted by: Ed Noha Strategic Consulting Although the summit has officially ended, the ideas and insights that have been shared should provide lasting value to conference participants. There’s still a tremendous amount of work to do to serve our companies and our clients, but it’s clear that we’ve already taken great strides to cut costs [...]

A show of hands for M&A success

Posted by: Lynne Smith Strategic Consulting For an afternoon session on the last day of the Summit, “Adding Value to the M&A Process at Microsoft” attracted and retained an impressive audience of more than 60 people. Interestingly, many of us at the session heard for the first time the timely news that Cisco is acquiring [...]

Turning ideas into action

Posted by: Ed Noha Strategic Consulting Commercial Real Estate executives from a host of industries explained how they are following through on “cost savings ideas” at our session on that topic. Their strategies are not earth-shattering—recasting leases, utility cost reduction, alternative workplace strategies, dispositions of excess properties—but it’s hard not to be impressed by some [...]

The "thin" building of tomorrow

Posted by: Peter Miscovich Strategic Consulting Philip Ross of the Cordless Group provided much food for thought with his presentation on “The Thin Building,” next-generation technology trends and their impact on corporate real estate. Cloud computing platforms, wireless 4G broadband, WIMAX + Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology, and “thin client” servers will lead to [...]

Emerging issues, then and now

Posted by: Bryan Jacobs Corporate Solutions The theme of this week’s CoreNet Global Summit is “Convening for Change.” On the drive over to Las Vegas this weekend, I thought about 1995.  I attend my first CoreNet Summit (then called the NACORE symposium, before its merger with IDRC to create CoreNet).  At that time, outsourcing and [...]