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Effective global workplace strategies

Workplace strategy is helping Microsoft drive their global strategy by effectively integrating local cultures with their corporate culture. Brian Collins speaks about Microsoft’s expansion into emerging markets and how they have employed best-in-class workplace strategies while taking into account local ways of working. He also discusses Microsoft’s solution to the continued merging of mobile, personal [...]

Shaping the real estate envelope

Tod Lickerman speaks about how service providers today can add value to their clients by broadening the perspective to focus on the future of clients, “shaping the real estate envelope” around their long-term business goals. Tod discusses helping corporations rationalize their US and European portfolios, while investing in facilities in growing economies in Latin America, [...]

Oil, economics and the $60 trillion question

Posted by: Kenneth Rudy Corporate Solutions Good evening from CoreNet.  Those of you who attended the opening session (or read Richard McBlaine’s post about it), know that economist Jeff Rubin views the current recession as the result of oil shock as opposed to over-leveraged housing markets and Wall Street greed. In essence, the run-up in oil prices [...]

When labor arbitrage and oil shocks collide

Posted by: Richard McBlaine Strategic Consulting It was great to see so many familiar faces at last night’s opening reception. The weather was great, the food was great, turnout was high and they didn’t run out of alcohol – not much to find fault with, except that no one got wild and jumped in the [...]