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CoreNet’s ‘super-nucleus’ of functions already happening!

 Posted by: Anne Thoraval, Head of Corporate Research, Jones Lang LaSalle, Asia Pacific  CRE teams have progressed faster than expected on the journey toward cross-functional integration, reveals Jones Lang LaSalle’s Global Corporate Real Estate Survey 2013 (to be released next month). Sponsored by Jones Lang LaSalle last year, CoreNet Global’s CRE 2020 project revived the [...]

Thinking creatively to guide innovation

Emily Watkins discusses the new “mandate” for corporations to constantly manifest and cultivate innovation. Emily led a session at CoreNet that leveraged ideas from The Innovator’s DNA around the four behaviors of creative thinking: questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting as well as applying these behaviors with associational thinking. In the session, attendees tied this new [...]

Trending Topics at CoreNet Orlando

Angela Cain, CEO of CoreNet Global, talks about emerging trends in corporate real estate being discussed at CoreNet in Orlando. With a focus on change and innovation, discussions cover the quality of life per square foot to more effectively bringing together support functions in an organization to successfully growing a young CRE team. Angela also [...]

It’s July and there’s (yet another) storm blowing …

Posted by: Lee Elliott, Corporate Research, Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research Its 8pm on a barmy (as opposed to balmy) July evening in London.  As the rain hits the office window at a near 90 degree angle, I exit the first in a series of webinars being hosted by CoreNet Global to promote the findings [...]

From Cost Center To Strategic Asset: CRE In 2020

Posted by: Anne Thoraval, Head of Corporate Research, Jones Lang LaSalle, Asia Pacific By the year 2020, employees considered ‘digital natives’ will be served by a super nucleus of real estate, human resources and technology services, while sophisticated data platforms will transform real estate portfolio optimisation, strategic planning and workplace management alike. These are some [...]