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Optimizing banking real estate

Joe Brady discusses the importance of commercial real estate to shareholder value and how banks are adapting to meet the needs of their customers through adjustments to retail banking space.

Smart grid cities: the latest research findings

“Smart Grid” is a commonly used term today, but not everyone knows what it means. Corporate Solutions Research Director, Christian Beaudoin, provides a clear definition as well as the latest findings from Jones Lang LaSalle’s research on Smart Grid Cities. Improved vacancy rates, higher energy efficiency and greater growth are some of the benefits seen [...]

Emerging trends driving facilities efficiency

  Driving efficiencies through facilities management is becoming increasingly complex. Big data, an increased focus on sustainability and advances in technology are three emerging trends in facilities management, says Chris Browne. In alignment with these growing trends, Jones Lang LaSalle is focusing on providing their clients better business intelligence, smarter buildings and a better employee [...]

Outsourcing contracts that focus on quality, and not just cost, might reap greater dividends.

Jan C. Laufs Management Board Germany Driving down costs is a dominant part of today’s corporate agenda and within the CRE domain it is ‘knocking on’ to extract as much cost efficiency as possible on leases, space utilisation, facilities management, energy consumption and so much more. And having the same agenda, real estate services providers [...]

SNAP Session Report: Workplace Strategies

Posted by: Nick Clifford Associate Director, Corporate Consulting, Asia Pacific SNAP Session 9 gave us two case studies of how workplace strategies can contribute to business goals. In A Blueprint for BlueWork: How American Express Future-Proofed the Workplace, we saw how workplace strategies can be introduced to help attract and retain talent while simultaneously providing [...]