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Vested Outsourcing: Making It Work

Posted by: Jim Dobleske Corporate Solutions Kate Vitasek has been at the forefront of supply-chain and outsourcing trends for many years, culminating in her development of the “vested outsourcing” concept. Vested outsourcing is the next generation of outsourcing, designed to create a true win-win relationship for clients and suppliers. Naturally, her CoreNet Global session was [...]

2020 Vision

Posted by: Blake Layda Corporate Solutions CoreNet Global’s Corporate Real Estate 2020 project has major significance to our industry today. Look back at the similar 2010 project a decade ago, and you’ll see the beginnings of trends that today shape our industry–such as the impact of mobile technology on the workplace and the increasing alignment [...]

Ways to Use Multi-Site Project Management

Posted by: Steve Jones Project and Development Services When you’ve been leading national multi-site project management teams as long as I have, you get used to handling a wide range of assignments.  From simultaneous renovation of dozens of retail outlets to equipment installation at tens of thousands of sites, we’ve handled it all. Sometimes speed [...]

Innovation in a Changing World

Posted by: Sahel Pramendra Regional Managing Director Delhi, India The only thing constant is change itself. In times of incredible change and volatility, there is a need to build resilience into one’s organization. Companies that innovate successfully have two common traits:  accountability at all levels of the organization,  and willingness to raise their game with [...]

The Chindia Factor

Posted by: Sanjay Dutt CEO-Business, India People often compare the economies of India and China, the world’s two most populous countries and also engines of economic growth. While China may seem to have stronger growth and prospects than India, the reality is not so clear-cut. Comparing India’s true democratic government with China’s blend of capitalism [...]