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We appreciate your support throughout the CoreNet Global Asia Pacific Summit in Hong Kong. Thank you for helping us make this event a success for JLL!

We were excited to host a Data Lounge, for the first time in Asia Pacific, with a focus on the theme “Uncovering the Science of Real Estate”. This space was a fantastic opportunity for us to promote our latest research collaboration with Forrester, Mind the gap: Aspiration vs. reality in corporate real estate. Thank you for visiting our JLL space!

We had a great turnout at the sessions we hosted and the feedback has been fantastic as the audience was engaged by the “hot” topics, such as the role that data and analytics play in shaping business decisions, the latest trends in corporate real estate based on the findings of our biennial Global CRE Survey and ways in which corporate real estate can help business leaders achieve growth by incorporating innovative thinking. Stay tuned for further insights on The Evolution of Global CRE Trends to be released in May when we launch the 3rd edition of the global survey.

Highlights from CoreNet 2015 have been shared below. Keep up with the social buzz around the CoreNet Summit and leave your comments on our blog!

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Posted by: Susan Sutherland, Head of Corporate Research, Asia Pacific

JLL’s CRE 2.0: The disruptive role of data and analytics session brought together experts from inside and outside CRE to discuss the role that data and analytics could play in shaping corporate real estate.

Clement Teo, lead analyst at Forrester Consulting (a global technology research and consulting firm), discussed some of Forrester’s research on big data, which it defines as the practices, processes, and technology that close the gap between the data available and the ability to turn that data into business insight. He used a number of examples to demonstrate how organizations are gaining a deeper view of the world (and their customers) by digitizing everything, and using the data gleaned to make predictions. He also reviewed the findings of the survey which JLL recently commissioned from Forrester, to assess corporate real estate’s current and planned data and analytics strategy and how it supports the broader businesses of which are a part.The survey reveals that the number of corporate real estate leaders who plan to be ‘data-centric’ – using CRE data to shape all their decisions—will double in the next three years from 28% to 56% (see figure 1). So there is a clear appetite to use the wealth of data that exists in real estate portfolios to drive better and faster decision-making, and to ultimately differentiate and generate competitive advantage.

Source: Mind The Data Gap: Aspirations vs. Reality In Corporate Real Estate, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of JLL, November 2014

Dr. Wayne Gearey followed on from Clement Teo’s presentation by bringing in some real life examples outside the real estate industry where data and analytics have played an important role in shaping business decisions.

David Brown, JLL’s Asia Pacific head of business intelligence, then facilitated a discussion around the challenges of data and analytics, lessons learned, and ways in which real estate leaders can begin to fill the gap between where they are and where they want to be by, for example, spearheading cross-departmental collaboration to drive data and analytics initiatives, focusing on strategic rather than tactical data and analytics efforts, and cultivating/recruiting the right talent to support them..

Read more in Forrester Consulting’s report, ‘Mind the Data Gap: Aspiration vs. Reality in Corporate Real Estate’, published in December 2015.

Productivity has become an increasing focus for businesses in recent years. With the GFC forcing organisations to do more with less, it became evident there were productivity gains to be had, particularly in the workplace.

Posted by: Tony Wyllie, National Head of Integrated Portfolio Services, Australia

On Wednesday 18th March, Rajiv Nagrath and I will hold a panel discussion at the Global CoreNet Summit in Hong Kong, to discuss the findings of over 250 senior executives surveyed on productivity from a variety of industries across Asia Pacific.

The role of the Corporate Real Estate Executive is undergoing a transformation.  As a crucial part of the productivity equation, CRE needs to integrate data, strategy and goals with other parts of the business to ensure a holistic approach to productivity, workplace performance and portfolio strategy.  JLL’s panel, consisting of diverse members of the C-suite, across the Manufacturing, Banking, Research and Property sectors, will discuss their response to JLL’s proposed Productivity Framework, what productivity means to their industry, if they measure, and if so, how?

Key findings of our Asia Pacific survey included: 

  • 72% of companies are looking to real estate to deliver improved workplace productivity
  • CEOs spend over 60% of their time, efforts and cost on people
  • Key enablers to productivity are: people, leadership, systems & processes, work environment

The interviews produced evidence of a conflict between where time and money is being spent (on people), as opposed to equally across all the productivity enablers to include: leadership, systems & processes and the work environment.

Whilst acknowledging that people are of course the golden key to productivity, JLL derived that unless you constantly address and review the effectiveness of the other key enablers – people could never achieve sustainable and significant productivity gains. It’s these three ‘foundation’ enablers that allow people the vision, motivation, tools and environment to truly succeed.

So if we know that 1/4 of the productivity equation lies in the work environment, and 72% of companies are looking to real estate to deliver improved workplace productivity, how do we ensure it delivers?

That’s a Wrap!

Thank you to everyone who supported JLL throughout the 2014 CoreNet Global Asia Pacific Summit in Singapore. We were very excited to showcase JLL’s new branding to the CRE community and had an overwhelmingly positive response from over 600 clients and summit delegates in attendance.

Those who visited the JLL booth were also able to participate in our Productivity Putting, where delegates were encouraged to try their golf swing and poll on whether their organization is measuring workplace productivity.

You can view highlights from CoreNet 2014 below. Keep up with the social buzz around the CoreNet Summit and leave your comments on our blog!

Creating a culture of WOW!

 Posted by: Peter Merrett, Director of Workplace Experience Services, Asia Pacific
What is the first thing that you switch on in the morning when you arrive at work? Wouldn’t it be great if the answer was your people!

The experience of our customers and employees continues to be a hot topic for CRE executives. We all know that great customer service doesn’t generally come as a one size fits all. There are many different ways to address the issues.

JLL was thrilled to present a fun session around employee and customer experience, with some fascinating insights shared from the world of hotels and hospitality and also from Rudy Dimayacyac of P&G and Hayden Perkin of Google. Our session focused on creating a workplace that is not only happy and gives employees a sense of pride and purpose, but also looks at building an environment that models the organisation’s culture.

We engaged the audience with “Would You Rather, Or” a fun and interactive game to help gauge exactly how they felt about the workplace!