Industrial real estate – are companies too short-term focused to build future-proof strategies?


jll_emea_alexandra_tornowAlexandra TornowPosted by: Alexandra Tornow
Industrial Research
Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research

I knew the question would come (and promptly) when I told our PR team we were ready to release results of our survey amongst major occupiers of logistics and industrial real estate across Europe. They did not disappoint. It came immediately: ‘Is there a new big trend that will make an interesting headline? Anything newsworthy that is different from what we have been talking about already?’ Read the rest of this entry »

Istanbul: the perfect European retail destination for the ICSC


Brown-James-webPosted by: James Brown
Head of European Retail Research
Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research

As the annual ICSC European conference kicks off in Istanbul this week, it is worth reflecting on one of the world’s great cities. Often described as being located at a crossroads between the east and west, Istanbul is a fascinating mix of two very different cultures. And this contrast is reflected in the retail market, where the centuries old Grand Bazaar sits alongside some of the most impressive new retail destinations in Europe. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s in a name? New insights on the creation of the Private Rented Communities asset class


Posted by: Adam Challis
Residential Research
Head of Residential Research, JLL UK

We have had very good and interesting feedback on our recent Building Private Rented Communities (PRC) paper from February 2014. One of the more frequent questions I have been asked is on the rationale behind the new PRC terminology that we are actively encouraging in the market to replace Build-to- Rent. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun shines brighter on world’s property markets – MIPIM 2014


JLL_Jus_NejcPosted by: Nejc Jus
Industrial Research
Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research

10th March wasn’t a normal Monday morning for me. Instead of getting ready for the office, I was impatiently waiting for my first MIPIM experience to start. When I left for Cannes I knew I was heading to one of the largest real estate events in the world but it wasn’t until I got there that I fully appreciated its scale and significance. Over 21,000 participants from more than 90 countries were in attendance. An impressive number of innovative and sustainable real estate projects were on display from across the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t overlook the importance of the humble warehouse!


tessa englishPosted by: Tessa English
Industrial Research
Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research

Last week’s budget brought an announcement that may have significant implications for the industrial market in the UK relating to a change in planning laws which would give greater flexibility in change of use to residential from industrial use. George Osborne stated there will be a review of the English General Permitted Development Order.  This is a new approach to planning permission / change of property usage that comprises a three-tier system: Read the rest of this entry »

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration


Jon SleemanPosted by: Jon Sleeman
Industrial Research
Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research

Earlier this week I attended the European Logistics Association’s conference on ‘Innovation in Urban Logistics and Multimodal Platforms, held at the European Parliament in Brussels.

This was a very timely event, not least because the growth in e-commerce has put the spotlight on last mile solutions. In addition, there is growing interest in certain cities in looking at retail consolidation centres as a way of reducing congestion and cutting CO2, and other emissions. Read the rest of this entry »

Human capital: A hot topic for corporate occupiers in 2014


emma jacksonPosted by: Emma Jackson
Corporate Research
Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research

With an improving economic prognosis and increased corporate confidence in the air, companies with available funds are starting to position themselves for growth and formulate longer term plans.

In considering growth strategies, it will be necessary to develop a focus on future talent requirements. There is no doubt in my mind that companies who recognise early the challenges and importance of attracting, retaining and stimulating requisite talent, will gain business advantage over those that are more reactive to needs. Read the rest of this entry »

London Retail – international tourism boosts prime West End


Colin BurnetPosted by: Colin Burnet
Retail Research
Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research

The globalised nature of the world in which we live is visible in many aspects of our lives. Take a quick scan on Facebook to see how far and wide your friends are scattered, or alternatively just take a stroll down London’s prime retailing streets, Oxford Street, Regent Street or Bond Street, on a Friday lunchtime, and marvel at the huge variety of nationalities and accents on display. Read the rest of this entry »

2014 could be as good as 2013 or even better for direct real estate investment


Robert StassenPosted by: Robert Stassen
Capital Markets Research
Jones Lang LaSalle EMEA Research

For direct real estate real investment 2013 was an excellent year, but what about 2014? Well, we are quite positive and we base our outlook on three factors. Firstly, core assets remain in strong demand as the global rotation into real estate by big pension and sovereign wealth funds is not over yet. Secondly, investors are increasingly buying into the recovery in Europe and in 2013 the market has already broadened. And finally, 2013 saw the first signs of rental growth and with the European economy slowly showing improvement, we believe that growth can be an important theme in 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

Catching the Emerging Markets’ Fire: How CRE Can Help Technology Companies to Strive


KaterynaPosted by: Kateryna Kyryllova
APAC Corporate Research
Jones Lang LaSalle Asia Pacific

More and more companies are shifting their growth to emerging markets, and technology multinationals are showing the way. According to Jones Lang LaSalle’s Global Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Survey, technology companies are the most aggressive in expanding their footprint in emerging markets, with key growth destinations being BRIC countries, Central and Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia (Fig. 1). Read the rest of this entry »